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Hi and welcome to my homepage! My name is Mike Orme and I am happy and proud to be your child's Music Teacher at Westar. I am originally from England and moved to Arizona back in Dec 2009. I studied for my Bachelors degree at Liverpool, (home town of the famous Beatles!) and following my graduation with an Honors Degree in Music I decided that I wished to pursue a career in Education. I have taught Music for 30 years, both as a classroom teacher and private instrumental instructor.  I firmly believe that all children have musical ability, and I look forward to working with your child to ensure that this special gift is realized to its maximum potential.

Outlined below are the Mission statement and Aims of the Music Department at Westar, which should help give a clearer understanding of my philosophy and beliefs as a Music educator:



To create a vibrant, welcoming and supportive environment in which students are fully and actively engaged in all aspects of the art of Music, whether it is composition, performance, listening or musical appreciation.


To reach out and touch the lives of all students regardless of academic or musical ability, and in so doing nurture an enjoyment, appreciation and deeper understanding of all types of music which will remain with them for the rest of their lives.


On a broader level, I am often asked why it is important for children to receive a good all rounds Arts Education. My reply to this question is as follows:

"Arts education is unique because its focuses on the whole person.  No other area demands such a multi disciplined approach in order for students to succeed. Those who have received a thorough grounding in the arts blossom forth into well rounded, balanced and creative thinkers who, through heightened perception and awareness of the rich tapestry of life, are able to meet its challenges head on and thus emerge as more fulfilled, stronger and complete individuals."

Finally, should you have any questions concerning your child's musical education please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am always happy to hear from parents and look forward to meeting you in due course.