AzMERIT Testing 2018

AzMERIT Testing Earbuds/Headphones
Posted on 02/02/2018
azmerit earphones graphicAzMERIT testing begins April 2nd. Students who wish to use their own earbuds/headphones in 3rd-8th grades will need to bring them in for portions of the test which are audio assessments. For those who do not bring them in, the District will supply them. 

We kindly ask you place the earbuds and headphones in plastic baggies labeled with your child's name.

Thank you.
While we are confident that students can use Bluetooth head phones, we suggest that the kids not use Bluetooth.  Here is why.  Each Bluetooth device must be paired individually and if 2 or more students are trying to connect their Bluetooth device at the same time, they may pair to the wrong device thus causing problems during testing.  Kids may not even no they paired to the wrong device until they are in the middle of the assessment.

Our suggestions;
1. Each student should pair individually and not more than one at a time
2. The student should pair them before the assessment so they know how to pair without the teacher's assistance
3. The student should understand they may not have the same device each day the complete assessments

For more information, please contact us.