Student Drop-Off / Pick-Up Procedures

Student Drop-Off/ Pick-Up Procedures

Two  drop off/pick-up zones have been established to safely and efficiently move students onto campus and to provide proper supervision. Procedures for each zone are listed below. After entering the area, the traffic will be directed to the appropriate loading/unloading zones and parking area. Siblings will always be dropped off/picked up together at the same location based upon the youngest student in the family. Older siblings will meet and wait in line with the youngest in the Kindergarten zone at dismissal. We appreciate all our parents using our designed traffic patterns ensuring that we will provide a safe environment for our students as well as being good neighbors and considerate to those surrounding us in the community.

North parking lot drop-off/pick-up and visitor parking
Vehicles traveling westbound on Westar Drive should turn into the North entrance. Students can be dropped-off/picked-up at the North gate in front of the office building. If your child is a Kindergarten or 1st Grade student, you may also use this area for drop-off/pick-up. For the safety of the students, please use the Yellow loading zone area to drop-off or pick-up your student.

West parking lot drop-off/pick-up
Vehicles traveling eastbound on Westar Drive should turn on 178th Avenue. Students can be dropped-off/picked-up at the West gate next to the gym/cafeteria.

  • Always pull as far forward as possible in the drop off lane before dropping off or picking up your child.  Stopping at the front of the drop off/pick up lane causes delays for everyone else that is behind you. 
  • If you park in the parking lots, you must walk across the drop-off /pick-up lane to pick up your child or to drop them off. Children are not allowed to be in the parking lot area without an adult.  

South parking lot
Only buses will be allowed in this area.

School Zone
Our children's health and safety is just as important to us as their learning.  When you are driving your children to and from school, please slow down to 15 MPH. Please remember that the school zone starts east of Eucalyptus and extends west of 178th Avenue.  The school zone starts at 7:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m. Here are some things you might not have known about the 15 MPH school zones:

  • If any person is school zone crosswalk, they must be completely out of the crosswalk before any vehicle can proceed in either direction.
  • Passing is not permitted in a 15 mph zone, no matter how slow another vehicle may be traveling. Passing doesn't mean getting around the vehicle. No passing means that your bumper can't pass any other car's bumper going in your same direction.
  • There is zero tolerance in a 15 mph zone. It is never reasonable or prudent to go faster in a school zone. You can be cited for going 16 mph in a 15 mph zone.